Boise Whitewater Park

Premier urban whitewater park
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The Boise Whitewater Park and related projects are managed by the City of Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. For official information please click here.

Safety Considerations

Safety is always our chief concern when we're getting on the river. If you're new to kayaking or river surfing we advise you to take some fairly extreme safety precautions. PLEASE refer to the new USER FAQS by clicking here.

Use the Boise Whitewater Park at your own risk!

  • User are cautioned the wave at low water can be dangerous because of boulders that are part of the features. From what we're told, the boulders can come into play when the flow drops below 700cfs.

  • The Boise River can reach very high levels Spring runoff and debris can become an issue while using the park. Debris issues can also cause the features to be closed when the city can get to the shapers to clear debris.

  • Water temps run from cold to very cold depending on the time of year. Surfers almost always wear a wet suit and kayakers a drytop or drysuit to avoid hypothermia when they swim. Hypothermia can occur within minutes.

  • Check the City's Boise Whitewater Park Facebook page for breaking information and updates.

We also recommend park users be familiar with or take a swiftwater rescue course to minimize risk and elevate safety. 

Parking & Changing Rooms

Off street parking is available off of Whitewater Park Blvd. in Esther Simplot Park next to Idaho River Sports. All lots are within a few feet of Quinn's Pond or Esther's Pond, the river and an easy paddle to the feature. Check with Idaho River Sports for current conditions and to hook up with a paddling partner.

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