Boise Whitewater Park

Premier urban whitewater park
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The Boise Whitewater Park and related projects are managed by the City of Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. For official information please click here.

Generating enthusiasm for outdoor recreation in a disinvested neighborhood, and providing an array of educational opportunities for families and children of all ages.

Veteran's Park

The Veteran’s Park neighborhood is populated by families with children in Whittier School, three blocks from the Boise Whitewater Park. Whittier has the highest percentage of any Boise school – 98% of children – receiving free and reduced lunches. Taft School, which is located about 1 mile away at State and 36th, has the next highest rate.

Phase 1 of the Boise Whitewater Park opened in June of 2012, consisting of a rebuilt shoreline with viewing plaza, the new Harry Morrison Dam with Waveshapers, the 36th Street pedestrian bridge. The Whitewater Park Boulevard opened in 2014, for ease of access to the facility. The construction of Esther Simplot Park started in late 2014 and was completed in late Fall 2016.

Phase II of the Boise River Park will further enhance what the Boise River has to offer this community and Boise, cleaning up habitat and enhancing the spectator experience and providing recreational opportunities to paddlers and surfers of all skill levels.

Children living in the Veteran’s Park neighborhood have ready access to the Greenbelt and thus the Boise Whitewater Park as spectators, and participants in educational and recreational activities.

Boise Parks & Recreation

Boise Parks and Recreation partnerships produce high-quality educational and community programs. The park has already been identified as a possible site for YMCA boating classes, summer day camps and other programs operated by Boise Parks & Recreation and its partners, with the objective of putting children in touch with the natural world.

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