Boise Whitewater Park

Premier urban whitewater park
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The Boise Whitewater Park and related projects are managed by the City of Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. For official information please click here.

park donors

The Boise Whitewater Park is made possible in part by a generous gift from the
J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation


Contributions from additional donors have been instrumental in making the Boise Whitewater Park a reality.  In compiling this list, every effort has been made to keep it accurate. Updates will be made as possible (last update as of 2/15). Please contact us if you notice any errors. Thank you.

Above $250,000

City of Boise
Paul Collins

$100,000 - $250,000

Harry W. Morrison Foundation
Harvey and Margo Neef

$50,000 - $99,999

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Torrance and Kimberly McAlvain Revocable Trust

$25,000 - $49,999

Old Boise
Jeker Family Trust
Keith and Dawn Taylor

$10,000 - $24,999

Tom and Nancy Baskin
Mark and Emily Boerner
Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation
Cynthia Fairfax
Rick Ferguson and Megan Frary
Bill Knowlton and Amy Moll
Scott and Bev Pressman
Kevin Settles and Lisa Fraser
Whit Whitmore and Jeanine Bastian

$5,000 - $9,999

Richard and Patsy Fedrizzi
Stephen and Debra Hanks
George and Bev Harad
Jack Lemley
Bob and Kitty Looper
Bill and Betsy Moynihan
Ward and Cathy Parkinson
John Polischeck
Tony Sandor
Chuck and Jenny Schmoeger
Lori Shandro

$1,000 - $4,999

Mary Abercrombie
Clarence Anderson
Jo Cassin
Jim and Gayle Chalfant
Jed and Karen deMers
Chip Cole and Betsy Dunklin
Brian Ellsworth
Roy and Frances Ellsworth
Jeff Fereday and Kay Hummel
Frank Finlayson
John and Jane Francis
Sam and Andie Goff
William Goodrich
Charles Graves
Sam and Peggy Grossman
Dave Green
Leo and Pauline Harf
Valerie Henning
Idaho Division of Tourism
Robert Kaiser
Charles Knapp
James and Jo Anne Lafferty
Kevin Learned and Amy Stahl

$500 - $999

Martin Anderson
Kieth and Jan Bloom
Klaus and Lois Brown
David and Suzi Butzier
Vera Cline
David Cummins
Ivan Custer
Dennis Dufenhorst
Larry Farnes
Carolyn and Gary Fletcher
Michael Francis
Brad and Linda Giles
Joe and Ginny Gobel
Idaho Whitewater Association
Loren Kaehn
Kirk R. Keogh
Aurele Lamontagne
Rich Linford
Steve Mauss
James Middlekauff
Patrick Mills
Ann Montgomery
Arthur Nielsen
John and Anne Olden
Tom Ridgeway
Pat Ryan
Don Spiers
I. Lynn Walter
Grant Wilson


Lead In-Kind Contributors

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area
Inland Foundation Specialties
McAlvain Construction Inc.
Warner Construction

$100 - $499

Harry Ackerman
Al and Carol Ahl
Alpenglow Mountainsport, LLC
Joel Ayers
Larry Barnes
Sherwin and Marien Barton
Bret Bastian
James Bates
Kathy Belknap
Don and Amelia Bell
Phillip Bellan
Jerry Beto
Beto Financial Group
Arther and Marjorie Bloom
Cathy Bloss
Anthony Brennan
Anne and Steve Brown
Chris and Chrisanne Brown
Klaus and Lois Brown
Scott and Edna Brown
Mike and Sharon Burkett
Luis Castaneda
Burt Claytor
Vera Cline
Clay and Jackie Coburn
Barbara Cochrane
William and Patty Cole
Doug Condie
Gary Wayne Cook
Michael and Kirsten Coughlin
Robert Davis
Malcom Dyson
Annabeth Elliot
Judy Farnsworth
Richarch Fernand
Andy and Kristin Fields
Nate and Jean Fisher
Scott Fleagle
Marilyn Fordham
Paula Forney
Fredrickson Health Insurance
Josh Gerard
Brad Giles
Leroy Godlove
Bob Goreing
Jay Gould
Dave Green
Naylor Hales Law
Steven and Rebecca Hamilton
Luke Hardy
Vicki Havens
Alan Herzfeld
John and Deb Hollaran
Lana Hollingshead
Diane Kushlan
Bruce and Cheryl Larabee
Rob Lesser
Brian and Elaineore Looper
Kyle and Anna Looper
Robert and Elizabeth Luce
Michael Maier
Masonry Center
Wade Miller
Richard Moore
Morgan Morehart
Deborah Nelson
Mike Norell
Rae Ann Norell
Rex Osborne
Linda Parcells
John Parten
Warren Paul
Gary and Sue Payne
Art and Cynthia Peavey
Robert Pettibon
Gae Peyron
Paul Polig
Paul and Gayle Poorman
Marlene Puckett
Mark Rawlinson
James Riley
John Robinson
Josh Rodriguez
Ray Ryan
Eli and Betsy Schmoeger
Marshall Shore
Daniel Simenc
Penny Simons
Russell Strong
Joan Thomas
Jason Traber
Walton Laser Graphics
Jack Webb

In-Kind Contributors

Ada Sand & Gravel
Boise Parks and Recreation, Wendy Larimore
Boise State University, Tech Help
Centennial High School TSA Students and Instructor
Clements Concrete
Custom Electric
Engineering Science & Construction
EOI of Idaho
Filmmaker Skip Armstrong with Forge Motion Pictures
Harris Rebar ABCO
Connor Jackson
North End Creative
JC Constructors
iBEAM Construction Cameras
Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands
Idaho Power Company
Idaho River Sports
Inovus Solar

Up to $100

Up to 100
Alazar School
Elaine Andersen
ANSER Charter School
Jeffrey Anderson
John and Mary Lou Ashby
Steve Baker
Baker Veterinary Services
Aaron Banner
Natalie Bartley
Eli Bellomy
Betty Bess
Michael Bond
Mike and Joan Boren
Peter and Lynn Budelov
Michael and Sara Burnes
Greg and Trish Charlton
Conald E. Coberly
Lisa Dale
Eric and Nancy Davis
Ashley Derkacs
Randall Eggert
Stuart Feichtinger
Mark and Kelli Fredback
Thomas Gibson
Mike Gillespie
James Grossman
Tom and Darcy Haney
Julie Hanks-Jones
Lois B. Harpham
Kevin Haug
Peg Havlovick
Katherine Hawkins
Brent Heikkila
Martin Hendrickson
Kurt Hinrichs
Reed Hollingshead
Robina Holmes and Brent Kidder
Mary Kay Horel
Larry and Mary Johansen
Bruce Jones and Shanon Davis-Jones
Margo Katula
Donald Kendrick
Rose Kilmaster
Debra King
Joshua Knight
Stan Kolby
James Kroes
Ron and Midge Kulchak
M.J. Kuusela
Sandy A. Lambert
Matthew Lister
Peter and Liza Marshall
Monty and Teresa Manning
Elaine Martin
Harvey Martin
Kelly McLeod
Michael McLeod
Liz McWhorter
David and Lorrie Meyers
Saran Nelson
Karen Ogden
Krista Perry and Jen Compton
Christine Moore Pierson
Quintin Phillips
Paul and Gayle Poorman
Julia Quinn
Andy Rad
Matt Rice
John Robison
David Rudzinski
Jayne Salb
Seymour and Harriet Sanborne
Ervin Schaffner
Allen Schiepan
Victor and Kay Simenc
Dave Smith
Nathaniel Smith
Wayne Sutherland
Keith Talbert
Barbara Thompson
Jason Traber
Leland True
Patricia Walker
Cindi Walton
William and Dorothy White
Sarah Wilkerson
Steve Wilkins
Bob Young

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