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The Boise Whitewater Park and related projects are managed by the City of Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. For official information please click here.

Helmet Party to benefit river park

BOISE, ID – A grassroots group supporting The Ray Neef, MD, River Recreation Park is producing a "Helmet Party” event for all recreationists, future recreationists and any Boise resident with a helmet, on Thursday, June 3rd starting at 5 p.m. at the Riverside Hotel.

The event starts at with a greenbelt walk near the future river park with a project construction expert. It moves on to a pool party at the hotel, where kayakers will demonstrate playboating stunts they hope will become a staple of planned park features. The event will conclude with two movie premieres featuring mountain biking and kayaking. The first movie, Here We Go Again, will be presented by SWIMBA (Southwest Idaho Mountain Bike Association), which is collaborating with the group to promote recreational activities they say will improve the quality of life in Boise. That movie will be followed by a premiere of Dream Result, the latest kayaking movie starring Rush Sturgess, Tyler Brandt, and featuring Brandt’s recent record-breaking waterfall descent in Oregon. The event costs $7 at the door. Proceeds will benefit the park.

Proponents of the park say that similar parks in other communities have a significant economic impact through hotels, fuel, food and local purchases prompted by events, visitors and recreationists. They cite studies from cities like Reno, Nevada and Beckenridge, Colorado, that show those cities have benefitted to the tune of $1.8 million to $4 million annually.

"This whitewater park will allow people to learn in a safe areas, and families to participate in kayaking together, right in their own back yards,” said Jody Voorhees paddler, mother and professional. Her family travels extensively to support sons Hayden (age 10), Alec (age 13) and who regularly win in playboating competitions at surf waves and whitewater parks around the country.

To date, more than $2 million has been committed in support of the park, including a pledge from the family of the late Ray Neef, MD, and $750,000 contributed by the City of Boise. Phase one of the park is under construction, and volunteers are hoping to raise $1.3 million to complete that phase by Fall of 2011.

More information on the park and how to donate is available at Progress can be tracked on Facebook as well.

The Ray Neef, MD, River Recreation Park will be located on the Boise River between Main Street and Veterans Memorial Park. The project will be constructed in a section of river that was channelized during the mid-1900s, and will provide a more natural riparian setting, additional plants and improved fish habitat, as well as plenty of space for spectators.

Grassroots River Park Campaign is a group of Boise River Park supporters dedicated to helping raise funds and awareness of the Ray Neef M.D River Recreation Park. They are working with a group of volunteers known as the Boise Friends of the Park.

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