Boise Whitewater Park

Premier urban whitewater park
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The Boise Whitewater Park and related projects are managed by the City of Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. For official information please click here.

Economic and Community Impact

The Boise River as it flows through downtown Boise was in bad shape.  Now, the Boise River Recreation and Management Plan—developed with Friends of the Park and State and Federal natural resource agencies, is revitalizing the river. The McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group has worked with the City of Boise to design a whitewater park that promotes both land-based recreation and whitewater boating.

The River Recreation Park is playing a central role in the economic redevelopment of this area of Boise while increasing river safety and providing healthy recreation alternatives for the citizens of Boise. The McLaughlin Whitewater Design Team members have proven themselves to be innovative engineers capable of finding creative solutions to various design challenges.” - Tom Governale, Boise Parks and Recreation

“The Boise River Recreation Park is redefining a portion of the Boise River that has been neglected for years,” notes Jo Cassin, co-owner of Idaho River Sports, the city’s paddling shop that she and co-owner Stan Colby relocated to be near the whitewater park. “An old concrete plant, slaughter house and dumping grounds left the area dirty, polluted and unsafe. This project will protect the existing banks from erosion, restore riparian areas, and improve fish and wildlife habitat while providing the community with a natural place to gather.”

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